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Lake Worth SailIng Club

Opening Weekend

  • 13 Apr 2024
  • 14 Apr 2024
  • LWSC

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Gather around, everyone, to celebrate the arrival of sailing season!

There will be thrilling races on both days, alongside delightful on-shore activities and delicious food offerings.

Experience the excitement as the airshow takes to the skies.

Savor the flavors of BBQ, masterfully prepared by KC and Aaron on the smoker for Saturday's feast.

Enjoy classic favorites like hotdogs and hamburgers on Sunday.

Stay tuned for more information on the races and entertainment lineup.

A dynamic and vibrant outdoor scene on a bright, sunny day. The sky is clear blue with a few fluffy clouds, dotted with multiple fighter jets soaring overhead, their sleek forms cutting through the air. Below, the sparkling water hosts several sailboats gliding gracefully, their sails billowing in the gentle breeze. On the shore, a BBQ smoker stands, emitting curls of fragrant smoke that hint at the delicious meals being prepared. Around the smoker, a group of children are engaged in various games, laughing and running, their faces alight with joy and excitement. The scene encapsulates a perfect day of outdoor fun, adventure, and camaraderie, blending the thrill of air and sea with the warmth of a community gathering.

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